7 Reasons Not to Book a Packaged Tour if You are Traveling Solo

Carol Kubota
4 min readAug 11, 2021
Author sitting on a bench in Lisbon, Portugal

Four of us are walking the Camino de Santiago, the Portuguese Way, in March. The group we hooked up with gave us a reasonable price which includes hotel accommodations, breakfast every day, two dinners, and transportation of our luggage to the next town. That’s it. The rest is up to us. There is no guide. We are walking.

I contacted the same unnamed company for a solo hike I wanted to take in December. I have a $1100.00 voucher for a trip to Israel which was canceled because of COVID before February 22. I could have used this voucher for our group trip, but the airfare was only $500. I didn’t want to donate the balance to the airlines.

It took me three days to finally talk to a human who kept putting me on hold. I finally called at 8:00 p.m. Arizona time and got someone to book my flight. I realized the ticket was only $750. I called back at the same time the following evening to request an upgrade with the balance. That wasn’t possible. So I donated about $300. No mercy from anyone.

So back to the unnamed company I wanted to book my solo hike with and the increase of $400 for traveling solo. Wait a minute. I am walking. They secure our hotels, carry our bags to the next hotel, and arrange breakfast and two dinners. I don’t eat more than one person. I checked out the hotels, and they…