Taken by Carol Kubota

The Windiest Road in Arizona

The windiest road, Coronado Highway, aka Devel’s Highway (666), is Arizona’s windiest road. …

Pink City (India) Carol Kubota

I wish I could be a male when I travel.

I am sixty-five years old and travel solo. These are my personal experiences and might not apply to all female solo travelers.

If I were a male:

  1. I could walk into a bar anywhere in the world, sit down, order…

Photo by Suzanne Emily O’Connor on Unsplash[/caption]

Culture affects our views of reality. It provides the mental concepts by which people perceive, interpret, analyze, and explain events in the world around them.


What is American culture?

Japanese culture, which I absorbed into my bloodstream when I married…

Carol Kubota

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and this is the poem I would send to my Valentine, my husband.

Always Valentine

I’ll always be the one who looks at you, And sees you in a fond and loving light; I’ll always know that you’re the one for me, Because when we’re together…

Carol Kubota

Life happens when you take chances.

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