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Detoxing is not easy

I need to detox. No, I am not an alcoholic, nor a smoker, nor do I take drugs. I need to detox from the news. Not the local news. Not news about lost dogs, tragedies such as fires in California, or floods caused by typhoons or hurricanes. I need to detox from the news about Trump.

I used to watch the news on my computer for about an hour and then read, write, walk the dog, and have lunch with friends. Now, I am addicted. Trump news has taken over my life. Not to the extent that I have ceased doing other things. I get out, volunteer, travel, get together with friends and read. I always find myself waiting until the activity is over and immediately check my phone to see what Trump is up to now. Will he tell the truth, declare war, have a heart attack, or screw someone on his twitter account? Should I really care about what he does?

I do care about what happens in the world. I care about how he makes his decisions, expresses his opinions, and destroys just about every decision that has been made before him. He tears up treaties with other countries, holds secret meetings with our enemies, and makes telephone calls to bribe others.

I do care because the Republicans blindly support him and seem to be terrified of being exposed by him. He acts like a twelve-year-old who gets in trouble at school and when the teacher summons the parents they arrive to support their child even though they know he is in the wrong. Trump has never grown up. He is still the twelve-year-old and the people around him want to pretend that he did nothing wrong.

Trump leads with a tweet. He doesn’t consult anyone about his decisions. He says he is the only one who can make the decisions. Yes, these are the words of someone who strives to be a dictator. He worships dictators and admires them because they don’t get criticized by their citizens. If they did they would end up in jail or executed. He admires countries that don’t have freedom of the press or speech. He once told one of his Saudi friends that he wished the US had a rule where the press could not criticize the president. It sounds like a dictator in the making. He admires countries that parade their military and tanks on special days. He wanted to so the same thing. It didn’t work the way he planned.

Why do I care? When Trump was elected I gave the TV away and canceled my plan. I didn’t want to hear his voice every single day. I didn’t want to hear the news repeated every other hour. I didn’t care. But I do care. Now, I want to know what is happening all of the time. I check the news on my cell phone, iPad, and computer. I check the news before I sit down to write, read or clean the house. I am addicted.

I don’t write as much as I should. I can’t get away from the news. I feel I will miss something. I try to ignore the computer. I take the dog for a walk, talk to my friends, and listen to music. Then I have to check the news. Like drinking. I feel if I just have one more it will be enough. If I just watch one more news station on my computer usually MSNBC it will be enough. It is not. I have to leave the house in order to accomplish this goal.

I need to start my detox. I want to begin by watching the news in the morning while I ride my stationary bike. Every time I want to watch news of Trump I must be on my bike. I can lose a few pounds every week. After one hour, I will not watch the news or check anything using technology until the evening. I will watch for one hour on my bike again.

This is my plan. I hope it will work. I am wasting too much time listening to news that never changes. It is all about Trump. I will make this work. I will not continue to be sucked into the Trump vacuum. The day I know he has been impeached I can get back to my life. I will try to do that now.

Now, I know how hard it is for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol to detox. I have to make this work.

Life happens when you take chances.

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