Hello God! It’s me Sumio

Friday March 13, 2015 there was a knock on the Pearly Gates.

The gates swung open and Sumio stood there facing God.

God said “Hello Sumio, welcome to heaven. I have been waiting for you. You fought a very long battle with lung cancer and you look worn out. Worry no more. You are safe here with me.”

Sumio asked “Are you God?”

“Yes, I am”

“I am sorry. I don’t know much about you. Everything I know about you I learned from my wife.”

“She has told me a lot about you too. You are not a religious person. She put in a good word for you. You are an honest husband, father, friend, and teacher to those around you.”

“I didn’t go to church on Sundays. I played golf and went fishing.”

“I was with you at all times.”

“Do I qualify to enter heaven?”

“Yes, you do. Your wife sent a letter of recommendation with special instructions to keep you busy.”

“I thank her for that. She has always taken care of me. I know the last two months were not easy for her. It was difficult for me to express my thoughts and feelings. I knew the end was coming. I couldn’t let her know that.”

“She misses you a lot and needs you to protect her. You will become the guardian angel of both your daughter, Lisa, and your wife, Carol. Your responsibility is to sit on their shoulders all day long. Protect and guide them.”

“Carol never likes me to tell her what to do. Will she agree with this idea?”

“She already has. “

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