Six Ways to Celebrate the Feast of the Three Kings

  • On ‘El Dia de Los Reyes,’ bakers in Mexico bury a figurine of baby Jesus inside a “Rosca de Reyes,” Three Kings Cake. The person who receives the piece of cake with the figurine will be the “godparent” of Jesus for that year.
  • Austrians write the initials of the three wise men, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar, with the last two digits of the previous year in the beginning and the last two digits of the new year at the end (20*C*M*B*21), with chalk over their front doors. They believe this will protect their homes for the next year.
  • Children in Belgium and Poland celebrate by dressing as the three wise men and go door to door caroling. The neighbors reward them with money or sweets.
  • Irish women get the day off from housework and cooking. The Epiphany, “Women’s Christmas,” gives the women a chance to get together and have tea and cakes.
  • New Orleans is one of the USA’s places that celebrates The Epiphany by replacing the ornaments on their Christmas trees with Purple, Gold, and Green ones. They call it a “Mardi Gras Tree.” They have a King Cake, a cinnamon pastry with sugar on the top and sometimes filled with cream cheese or jelly/jam, with a plastic doll representing Jesus. Whoever gets the piece of cake with the doll must make the next cake. A King Cake party takes place every Friday before Lent.

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