Carol Kubota
4 min readOct 20, 2021


Taken by Carol Kubota

The Windiest Road in Arizona

The windiest road, Coronado Highway, aka Devel’s Highway (666), is Arizona’s windiest road. When you look it up online, you will find that it has over 460 curves, and if you fear not knowing what you will find around the next curve, you should take another road.

My sense of direction is that of a first-grader. I don’t know which is East or West. I don’t know if the road goes up or down, and I can’t tell by looking at a map if we are inside or outside a windy road. I walk out of a restaurant’s bathroom and end up in the kitchen or a wall at the end of the hallway, and I don’t drink. Well, only one glass of wine. I am directionally challenged.

I have walked out of hotels and turned right. I don’t realize I have gone the wrong way for another four blocks.
I map my way with apps on my phone but don’t know which way to go. I wander.

I don’t mind wandering, and maybe that is why I travel solo. Getting lost doesn’t make me upset unless I find myself in a dark ally in a strange city. I don’t walk in the dark for that reason.

I am retired and have plenty of time to roam. It doesn’t bother me. It does bother others with whom I travel. If you always know where you are going, don’t read this article. This article is for people like me who might feel they are the only ones wandering around and getting lost.